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Whether you’re looking for employee leasing, temporary to permanent, or direct-hire, Instant Personnel has your back! We’re here to help you find the best employee for your team.

We are here for ALL blue collar representatives. Warehouse Workers, Delivery Drivers, Truck Drivers, Office Administrators, and Medical staff are just some of the personnel we employ.

CDL Truck Driver Recruitment

Staffing Solutions Across The United States

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Instant Personnel 
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We understand that finding reliable, dedicated employees ready to work on short notice is difficult. So, we've made it our mission to make it easier for you to find qualified employees.

At Instant Personnel, we value your time, money, and resources. Hiring, sourcing, and screening candidates can drain your time and money, and we know you need to focus on what really matters: your business.


We're dedicated to providing handpicked employees to short-staffed companies across the United States directly or through leasing-to-hire bases, offering competitive rates and unmatched support to help manage your company more efficiently.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Jose Rodriguez


My name is Jose Rodriguez and I am a GM in Florida and our partnership with Instant Personnel has help me fill crucial CDL driver positions to keep our plants running. Charles has been the ultimate professional and hard at work to find drivers for us even in last minute situations.

Great service from Charles and Team. Instant Personnel effortlessly found drivers to help during busy time. Very attentive to requested needs. Thank you Instant Personnel!!

Anthony Acosta


I honestly had never been in a Temp agency or anything similar to it. The process to get into a job was very quick I believe I had applied on a Friday and by Monday I was already working. Charles has been very helpful throughout the process and really have nothing negative to say he even fought for me so when the company I was working for hired me I got what I deserved. Overall it was a great experience. 👍

Adrian Garza

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